COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies:

At this time, I am still offering in-person sessions so long as you have not traveled within the past 14 days and are completely symptom free and healthy. In addition, I ask that you  notify me if you have attended any gatherings outside your immediate family in the past 10 days, or participated in activities defined by the CDC as high risk, such as attending an in-person sporting event, concert, or church services. In such cases I respectfully request that you switch to teletherapy until a 10 day period has passed since your increased exposure.

Of course, if you are experiencing ANY physical symptoms, even if you believe them to only be a common cold or allergies, you must stay home.  Please either request a teletherapy appointment with me or reschedule. Due to the abundance of caution we must take with in-person meetings, you will not be charged for cancellations related to the acute onset of physical symptoms. Once again, PLEASE do not arrive to any in-person appointments with any symptoms of illness whatsoever.

There is no receptionist and no switch to flip to notify me of your arrival. Because of how in-person appointments are scheduled and spaced, no other patients will be in the waiting room with you. You can use hand sanitizer and have a seat, and I’ll come out and greet you at your appointment time.